android - Permission is only granted to system app


I have a System app that uses system permissions and I have those permissions listed in the manifest. Eclipse gives the following error when I try to make a build(command line build works):

Permission is only granted to system apps

I'm already aware that my app requires system permissions and it is not a problem for me because my application will be used only on rooted phones. So I want to suppress this error, anyone knows how?

My project already compiles fine on command line, installs, runs etc.. My problem is about eclipse giving an error for a legit manifest file.

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    In Eclipse:

    Window -> Preferences -> Android -> Lint Error Checking.

    In the list find an entry with ID = ProtectedPermission. Set the Severity to something lower than Error. This way you can still compile the project using Eclipse.

    In Android Studio:

    File -> Settings -> Editor -> Inspections

    Under Android Lint, locate Using system app permission. Either uncheck the checkbox or choose a Severity lower than Error.

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    To ignore this error for one instance only, add the tools:ignore="ProtectedPermissions" attribute to your permission declaration. Here is an example:

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE"
        tools:ignore="ProtectedPermissions" />

    You have to add tools namespace in the manifest root element

    <manifest xmlns:android=""

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    Have same error from time to time (when I set install location to "prefer external" in manifest). Just clean and rebuild project. Works for me.

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    when your add permission in manifest then in eclipse go to project and clic

    1. click on project
    2. click on clean project that's all

    k on clean project

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    Preferences --> EditorEditor --> Inspections --> Android Lint --> uncheck item Using System app permissio

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    Try adding this attribute to that permission.