Git: Ignore tracked files


I have some tracked files in a repository which are automatically modified when building the code. I don't want to untrack them, I just don't want them to appear as modified and I don't want them to be staged when I git add.

Is this possible?

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    git update-index --assume-unchanged [<file> ...]

    To undo and start tracking again:

    git update-index --no-assume-unchanged [<file> ...]

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    An another solution using git attributes and %f in filter command:

    git config filter.orig.clean "cat %f.orig"
    cp filename filename.orig
    echo "filename filter=orig" >> .git/info/attributes
    echo "filename.orig" >> .git/info/exclude

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    Another approach (from a now deleted answer by Seth Robertson, but I found it helpful so resurrecting it) is to maintain a "tracked" template file, then have local untracked version of it, ex: "config.sample.ini" or "config.ini.template" see for a full example.

    Then there won't be any concerns if the file is changed within git, etc. and you can use .gitignore (finally) on the local untracked files.