sql server - SQLスキーマのみをバックアップしますか?

original title: "sql server - Backup SQL Schema Only?"


I need to create a backup of a SQL Server 2005 Database that's only the structure...no records, just the schema. Is there any way to do this?

EDIT: I'm trying to create a backup file to use with old processes, so a script wouldn't work for my purposes, sorry

構造だけのSQL Server 2005データベースのバックアップを作成する必要があります...レコードではなく、スキーマだけです。これを行う方法はありますか?編集:私はで使用するバックアップファイルを作成しようとしています...


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    Use a 3 step process:

    1. Generate a script from the working database
    2. Create a new database from that script
    3. Create a backup of the new database

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    Why not just use SQL Management Studio to create a complete script of your database and the objects?

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    Toad for SQL Server does this nicely, if you're considering a commercial product.

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    I make heavy use of this tool:
    SQLBalance for MySQL

    Unfortunately; its windows only... but works like a charm to move databases around, data or no data, merge or compare.