c# - ASP.NET向けの開発

original title: "c# - Developing for ASP.NET-MVC without Visual Studio"


Instead of writing my ASP.NET C# applications in Visual Studio, I used my favorite text editor UltraEdit32.

Is there anyway I can implement MVC without the use of VS?

Visual StudioでASP.NET C#アプリケーションを作成する代わりに、お気に入りのテキストエディターUltraEdit32を使用しました。とにかく、VSを使用せずにMVCを実装できますか?


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    There is nothing VS specific with the MVC framework - it is just a bunch of DLLs that you can use. The wizards in VS just build you a quick-start framework.

    ASP.NET MVC is "bin-deployable" - there is nothing too clever to set up on the server either - just point the wildcard ISAPI filter to ASP.NET

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    Assuming you have the correct assemblies and a C# compiler you in theory can use whatever you want to edit the code and then just run the compiler by hand or using a build script. That being said it is a real pain doing .NET development without Visual Studio/SharpEdit/Monodevelop in my opinion.

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    Even if you didn't want to actually edit in VS, you could create the project there and edit the files in another editor.

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    For small to mid size mvc project WebMatrix is not bad at all. Also for simple changes to the projects I often use SublimeText.