original title: "How do I add existing comments to RDoc in Ruby?"


I want to format my existing comments as 'RDoc comments' so they can be viewed using ri.

What are some recommended resources for starting out using RDoc?

既存のコメントを「RDocコメント」としてフォーマットし、riを使用して表示できるようにしたい。 RDocの使用を開始するための推奨リソースは何ですか?


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    A few things that have bitten me:

    • :main: -- RDoc uses only the last one evaluated; best to make sure there's only one in your project and you don't also use the --main command-line argument.
    • same as previous, but for :title:
    • :section: doesn't work very well

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    RDoc uses SimpleMarkup so it's fairly simple to create lists, etc. using *, - or a number. It also treats lines that are indented at the same column number as part of the same paragraph until there is an empty line which signifies a new paragraph. Do you have a few examples of comments you want RDoc'ed so we could show you how to do them and then you could extrapolate that for the rest of your comments?