sql server - T-Sql Rimuovi il punto decimale dal tipo di dati Money

original title: "sql server - T-Sql Remove Decimal Point From Money Data Type"


Given the constraint of only using T-Sql in Sql Server 2005, is there a better way to remove the decimal point from a money datatype than a conversion to a varchar (here implicitly) and then a replace of the decimal point?

Here is what I have currently.

SELECT REPLACE(1.23, '.', ''), REPLACE(19.99, '.', '')

Which returns the desired 123 and 1999, but I was wondering if there was a better way. Any thoughts?

Dato il vincolo dell'utilizzo di T-Sql solo in Sql Server 2005, esiste un modo migliore per rimuovere il punto decimale da un tipo di dati monetario rispetto a una conversione in un varchar (qui implicitamente) e quindi un rep ...

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    Multiply by 100 and then convert to an int.

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    You should never ever use the money datatype to store monetary values. If you do any calculations you will get truncated results. Run the following to see what I mean

    @mon1 MONEY,
    @mon2 MONEY,
    @mon3 MONEY,
    @mon4 MONEY,
    @num1 DECIMAL(19,4),
    @num2 DECIMAL(19,4),
    @num3 DECIMAL(19,4),
    @num4 DECIMAL(19,4)
    @mon1 = 100, @mon2 = 339, @mon3 = 10000,
    @num1 = 100, @num2 = 339, @num3 = 10000
    SET @mon4 = @mon1/@mon2*@mon3
    SET @num4 = @num1/@num2*@num3
    SELECT @mon4 AS moneyresult,
    @num4 AS numericresult

    Output: 2949.0000 2949.8525

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    Could you be a little more specific about the use case? Removing the decimal point from the representation is a little unusual given that you'll lose all information about the scale. Are you assuming that there will always be two digits? If so, you could simplify multiply by 100 and then round before converting to a string.

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    Keep in mind that the money data type can have up to 4 digits past the decimal. Values with more than two digits might not work as expected for either your original solution or the x100 trick.

  • Nathan Lee

    Here is the magic:


    This will remove the decimal places.