mac address - Indirizzi MAC in JavaScript

original title: "mac address - MAC addresses in JavaScript"


I know that we can get the MAC address of a user via IE (ActiveX objects).

Is there a way to obtain a user's MAC address using JavaScript?

So che possiamo ottenere l'indirizzo MAC di un utente tramite IE (oggetti ActiveX). C'è un modo per ottenere l'indirizzo MAC di un utente utilizzando JavaScript?

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    I concur with all the previous answers that it would be a privacy/security vulnerability if you would be able to do this directly from Javascript. There are two things I can think of:

    • Using Java (with a signed applet)
    • Using signed Javascript, which in FF (and Mozilla in general) gets higher privileges than normal JS (but it is fairly complicated to set up)

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    The quick and simple answer is No.

    Javascript is quite a high level language and does not have access to this sort of information.

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    No you cannot get the MAC address in JavaScript, mainly because the MAC address uniquely identifies the running computer so it would be a security vulnerability.

    Now if all you need is a unique identifier, I suggest you create one yourself using some cryptographic algorithm and store it in a cookie.

    If you really need to know the MAC address of the computer AND you are developing for internal applications, then I suggest you use an external component to do that: ActiveX for IE, XPCOM for Firefox (installed as an extension).

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    Nope. The reason ActiveX can do it is because ActiveX is a little application that runs on the client's machine.

    I would imagine access to such information via JavaScript would be a security vulnerability.

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    If this is for an intranet application and all of the clients use DHCP, you can query the DHCP server for the MAC address for a given IP address.

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    i was looking for the same problem and stumbled upon the following code.

    How to get Client MAC address(Web):

    To get the client MAC address only way we can rely on JavaScript and Active X control of Microsoft.It is only work in IE if Active X enable for IE. As the ActiveXObject is not available with the Firefox, its not working with the firefox and is working fine in IE.

    This script is for IE only:

    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
        function showMacAddress() {
            var obj = new ActiveXObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator");
            var s = obj.ConnectServer(".");
            var properties = s.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration");
            var e = new Enumerator(properties);
            var output;
            output = '<table border="0" cellPadding="5px" cellSpacing="1px" bgColor="#CCCCCC">';
            output = output + '<tr bgColor="#EAEAEA"><td>Caption</td><td>MACAddress</td></tr>';
            while (!e.atEnd()) {
                var p = e.item();
                if (!p) continue;
                output = output + '<tr bgColor="#FFFFFF">';
                output = output + '<td>' + p.Caption; +'</td>';
                output = output + '<td>' + p.MACAddress + '</td>';
                output = output + '</tr>';
            output = output + '</table>';
            document.getElementById("box").innerHTML = output;