macos - Come passare da un pulsante all'altro in una finestra di dialogo di Mac OS X.

original title: "macos - How to tab between buttons on an Mac OS X dialog box - Super User"


I know that there has been a similar question asked here very recently, but I was wondering if it was possible to tab between buttons on default Mac OS X dialog boxes?

I already have the All controls option enabled in System PreferencesKeyboard & MouseKeyboard Shortcuts, but no joy.

So che recentemente è stata posta una domanda simile qui, ma mi chiedevo se fosse possibile passare da un pulsante all'altro nelle finestre di dialogo predefinite di Mac OS X? Ho già il All cont ...

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    If you enable Full Keyboard Access by setting it to all controls, you should be able to tab between options and select by hitting spacebar, at least for OS X 10.5:

    Full Keyboard Access: All Controls (Control+F7)

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    While @ruddzw's (chosen) answer works, it can slow you down in other areas simply from the sheer number of controls there are to tab through.

    @NReilingh presents a different approach, and the semantics behind it:

    The right way to go about keyboard shortcuts for alternate dialog buttons is not tab, but command key combos. For example, Command-period is almost universally "cancel." [...]
    It's often not documented, but the command shortcut for different buttons that aren't the default button or cancel is usually the first letter of that button.

    So in the example:

    Save prompt

    • enter/return will Save,
    • +. or esc will Cancel, and
    • +D will map to Don't Save.
      As @Kevin Reid points out, +delete works here as well.

  • Gladys Lee

    In Keyboard preferences under Keyboard Shortcuts

    Full Keyboard Access: Switch to All Controls instead of Text Boxes and Lists Only

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    Is there a specific dialog you're having trouble with? With "All controls" enabled I can tab around every control of every Mac OS X dialog I've tested just now.

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    To enable navigation using Tabs from the command line type:

    defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleKeyboardUIMode -int 3

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    When browsing with Safari, you can also tab between all HTML elements on the page using Option+Tab (otherwise Tab would only stop on the browser toolbar controls and quick bookmarks)