.net - Az adatok gyorsítótárazásának legjobb módja

original title: ".net - Best way to cache data"


I am in the process of figuring out a cache strategy for our current setup, currently have multiple web servers and wanted to know what is the best way to cache data in this environment. I have done research about MemCache and the native asp.net caching but wanted to get some feedback first. Should I go with a Linux box if I use MemCache or a win32 port of MemCache.

Jelenleg kidolgozom a gyorsítótár stratégiáját a jelenlegi beállításunkhoz, jelenleg több webszerverrel rendelkezik, és tudni akartam, hogy mi a legjobb módja az adatok gyorsítótárazásának ebben a környezetben. Meg kell tennem ...

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    What about checking out Microsoft Velocity? Another option if you don't want to start using Microsoft CTP-ware is to check out Nache which allows distributed cache/session state management

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    Dare Obasanjo has a pretty good blog post about this topic. You really need to assess what it is you're caching, why you're caching it and what your needs are before you can make a decision on a caching strategy.

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    worked awesome for me and have heard nothing but goodness about it

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    Another open source choice other than memcached probably worth looking into is Shared Cache. I haven't played with it. But it says to have c# native implementation.