.net - Az SQLite használata a Visual Studio 2008 és a Silverlight segítségével

original title: ".net - Using SQLite with Visual Studio 2008 and Silverlight"


Any one know decent way to reference a SQLite database using the above mentioned tools? I tried using ODBC (the SQLite driver) but while the connection is good, I get no data returned. Like I can't see any tables in Data Connection (VS 2008). Is there a better way?

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Van valaki az SQLite adatbázis hivatkozásának megfelelő módjáról a fent említett eszközökkel? Próbáltam használni az ODBC-t (az SQLite illesztőprogramot), de jó a kapcsolat, nem kapok vissza adatot. Mintha tudnék'...

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    Joel Lucsy: That implementation of SQLite is a mixed-mode assembly which is not supported by Silverlight. Only a pure managed implementation would work under the Silverlight CLR.

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    The MIT licensed C#-SQLite might be the right solution. It's a complete managed port of SQLite, so it can be used with Silverlight.

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    Have you tried the ADO driver for SQLite?

    There is a great quick start guide (thanks to another thread here) that you can get here: http://web.archive.org/web/20100208133236/http://www.mikeduncan.com/sqlite-on-dotnet-in-3-mins/

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    You should give Siaqodb a try. I haven't tested it but they mention that is works with Silverlight OOB apps and even give you a tutorial here.
    It's commercial software, but a 30 day trial is available.