c# - Könyvtárakban keres sok fájlt?

original title: "c# - Searching directories for tons of files?"


I'm using MSVE, and I have my own tiles I'm displaying in layers on top. Problem is, there's a ton of them, and they're on a network server. In certain directories, there are something on the order of 30,000+ files. Initially I called Directory.GetFiles, but once I started testing in a pseudo-real environment, it timed out.

What's the best way to programatically list, and iterate through, this many files?

Edit: My coworker suggested using the MS indexing service. Has anyone tried this approach, and (how) has it worked?

Az MSVE-t használom, és van saját csempe, amelyet rétegen jelenítek meg a tetején. A probléma az, hogy van egy csomó ilyen, és hálózati szerveren vannak. Bizonyos könyvtárakban van valami a megrendelésen ...

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    I've worked on a SAN system in the past with telephony audio recordings which had issues with numbers of files in a single folder - that system became unusable somewhere near 5,000 (on Windows 2000 Advanced Server with an application in C#.Net 1.1)- the only sensible solution that we came up with was to change the folder structure so that there were a more reasonable number of files. Interestingly Explorer would also time out!

    The convention we came up with was a structure that broke the structure up in years, months and days - but that will depend upon your system and whether you can control the directory structure...

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    Definitely split them up. That said, stay as far away from the Indexing Service as you can.

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    None. .NET relies on underlying Windows API calls that really, really hate that amount of files themselves.

    As Ronnie says: split them up.

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    You could use DOS?

    DIR /s/b > Files.txt

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    You could also look at either indexing the files yourself, or getting a third part app like google desktop or copernic to do it and then interface with their index. I know copernic has an API that you can use to search for any file in their index and it also supports mapping network drives.