.net - Hogyan szűrhetünk és kombinálhatunk 2 adatkészletet a C # -ben?

original title: ".net - How to filter and combine 2 datasets in C#"


I am building a web page to show a customer what software they purchased and to give them a link to download said software. Unfortunately, the data on what was purchased and the download information are in separate databases so I can't just take care of it with joins in an SQL query.

The common item is SKU. I'll be pulling a list of SKUs from the customer purchases database and on the download table is a comma delineated list of SKUs associated with that download. My intention, at the moment, is to create from this one datatable to populate a GridView.

Any suggestions on how to do this efficiently would be appreciated. If it helps, I can pretty easily pull back the data as a DataSet or a DataReader, if either one would be better for this purpose.

Egy weboldalt készítek, amely megmutatja az ügyfeleknek, hogy milyen szoftvert vásároltak, és linket adnak nekik a szoftver letöltéséhez. Sajnos a vásárolt adatok és a letöltött információk ...

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    As long as the two databases are on the same physical server (assuming MSSQL) and the username/password being used in the connection string has rights to both DBs, then you should be able to perform a join across the two databases. Example:

    select p.Date,
    from   PurchaseDB.dbo.Purchases as p
    join   ProductDB.dbo.Products as d on d.sku = p.sku
    where  p.UserID = 12345

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    Why not create a Domain object based approach to this problem:

    public class CustomerDownloadInfo
        private string sku;
        private readonly ICustomer customer;
        public CustomerDownloadInfo(ICustomer Customer){
            customer = Customer;
        public void AttachSku(string Sku){
            sku = Sku;
        public string Sku{
            get { return sku; }
        public string Link{
                // etc... etc...          

    There are a million variations on this, but once you aggregate this information, wouldn't it be easier to present?

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    I am thinking off the top of my head here. If you load both as Data Tables in the same Data Sets, and define a relation between the two over SKU, and then run a query on the Data Set which produces the desired result.