svn - Egyesített (szinkronizált) Subversion szerverek?

original title: "svn - Federated (Synced) Subversion servers?"


Is it possible to create "federated" Subversion servers? As in one server at location A and another at location B that sync up their local versions of the repository automatically. That way when someone at either location interacts with the repository they are accessing their respective local server and therefore has faster response times.

Létrehozható "egyesített" Subversion szerverek? Mint az egyik kiszolgálón az A helynél, a másik a B helynél, amelyek automatikusan szinkronizálják a tároló helyi verzióit. Így, amikor ...

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    This is more or less the perfect use case for SVK. SVK is a command line front end for subversion that works with an entire local copy of the repository. So your commits, updates, etc. work on the local repository and you can then sync with a master. I would generally recommend SVK over plain subversion anyway as it makes a lot of things nicer. No .svn folders, better branching and merging, better conflict resolution.

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    Subversion 1.5 introduced write through proxy support for webdav servers over the existing SvnSync support that was added in 1.4. This allows you to have local mirrors for retrieving files and history, but commits are committed directly to the master repository. If setup correctly the local mirrors receive the changes immediately.

    See the Svn Book for more details.

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    Sounds like you might like Git. There's a Google Talk explaining all about it.

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    Its probably not exactly what your looking for, but you may be able to implement OS level clustering.