delphi - Can a Windows dll retrieve its own filename?


A Windows exe file has access to the command string which invoked it, including its path and filename. eg. C:\MyApp\MyApp.exe --help.

But this is not so for a dll invoked via LoadLibrary. Does anyone know of a way for a dll to find out what its path and filename is?

Specifically I'm interested in a Delphi solution, but I suspect that the answer would be pretty much the same for any language.

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    I think you're looking for GetModuleFileName.

      If you are working on a DLL and are interested in the filename of the
      DLL rather than the filename of the application, then you can use this function:
    function GetModuleName: string;
      szFileName: array[0..MAX_PATH] of Char;
      FillChar(szFileName, SizeOf(szFileName), #0);
      GetModuleFileName(hInstance, szFileName, MAX_PATH);
      Result := szFileName;

    Untested though, been some time since I worked with Delphi :)