ios - Cocoapods坚持“分析依赖关系”

original title: "ios - Cocoapods staying on "analyzing dependencies""


I'm using cocoapods to manage my dependencies. All have been working fine. Now, When I'm creating a new project, added the following to my podfile,

platform :ios, '6.1'
pod 'RestKit', '~>  0.20.0'

when i'm doing pod install, it is continually staying on analyzing dependencies.

Any idea why this problem?

我正在使用cocoapods管理我的依赖关系。一切都很好。现在,当我创建一个新项目时,将以下内容添加到我的podfile平台:ios,'6.1'pod'RestKit','〜> 0.20.0 ...


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    I had the same problem, and since my output with --verbose was different than the linked SO answer, I'm including that response along with a verification that it worked for me:

      $ pod repo remove master
      $ pod setup
      $ pod install

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    Another way to fix that is to delete the Pods folder and the Podfile.lock file and run pod install again.

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    Something that seemed to work for me:

    • Cancel first attempt using Ctrl-C
    • Reattempt using pod install

    Also, once the pod has installed successfully, be sure to close the current project before opening the project.workspace.

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    i2097i's comment was the fix for me (so I can't take credit for this, and can't seem to upvote his comment).

    Check for any uncommitted changes (I had just added my Podfile but it was not committed). Staging and committing got pod install working.