Create a Path from String in Java7


How can I create a java.nio.file.Path object from a String object in Java 7?


String textPath = "c:/dir1/dir2/dir3";
Path path = ?;

where ? is the missing code that uses textPath.

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    You can just use the Paths class:

    Path path = Paths.get(textPath);

    ... assuming you want to use the default file system, of course.

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    From the javadocs..

    Path p1 = Paths.get("/tmp/foo"); 

    is the same as

    Path p4 = FileSystems.getDefault().getPath("/tmp/foo");
    Path p3 = Paths.get(URI.create("file:///Users/joe/"));
    Path p5 = Paths.get(System.getProperty("user.home"),"logs", "foo.log"); 

    In Windows, creates file C:\joe\logs\foo.log (assuming user home as C:\joe)
    In Unix, creates file /u/joe/logs/foo.log (assuming user home as /u/joe)

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    If possible I would suggest creating the Path directly from the path elements:

    Path path = Paths.get("C:", "dir1", "dir2", "dir3");
    // if needed
    String textPath = path.toString(); // "C:\\dir1\\dir2\\dir3"

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    Even when the question is regarding Java 7, I think it adds value to know that from Java 11 onward, there is an static method in Path class that allows to do this straight away:

    With all the path in one String:


    With the path broken down in several Strings: