jQuery: count number of rows in a table


How do I count the number of tr elements within a table using jQuery?

I know there is a similar question, but I just want the total rows.

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    Use a selector that will select all the rows and take the length.

    var rowCount = $('#myTable tr').length;

    Note: this approach also counts all trs of every nested table!

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    If you use <tbody> or <tfoot> in your table, you'll have to use the following syntax or you'll get a incorrect value:

    var rowCount = $('#myTable >tbody >tr').length;

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    var rowCount = $('table#myTable tr:last').index() + 1;

    jsFiddle DEMO

    This will ensure that any nested table-rows are not also counted.

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    Well, I get the attr rows from the table and get the length for that collection:


    I think that jQuery works less.

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    Here's my take on it:

    //Helper function that gets a count of all the rows <TR> in a table body <TBODY>
    $.fn.rowCount = function() {
        return $('tr', $(this).find('tbody')).length;


    var rowCount = $('#productTypesTable').rowCount();

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    I got the following:


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    I needed a way to do this in an AJAX return, so I wrote this piece:

    <p id="num_results">Number of results: <span></span></p>
    <div id="results"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    //Function that makes Ajax call out to receive search results
    var ajax = function() {
        //Setup Ajax
            url: '/path/to/url', //URL to load
            type: 'GET', //Type of Ajax call
            dataType: 'html', //Type of data to be expected on return
            success: function(data) { //Function that manipulates the returned AJAX'ed data
                $('#results').html(data); //Load the data into a HTML holder
                var $el = $('#results'); //jQuery Object that is holding the results
                setTimeout(function(){ //Custom callback function to count the number of results
    //Custom Callback function to return the number of results
    var callBack = function(el) {
        var length = $('tr', $(el)).not('tr:first').length; //Count all TR DOM elements, except the first row (which contains the header information)
        $('#num_results span').text(length); //Write the counted results to the DOM

    Obviously this is a quick example, but it may be helpful.

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    I found this to work really well if you want to count rows without counting the th and any rows from tables inside of tables:

    var rowCount = $("#tableData > tbody").children().length;

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    try this one if there is tbody

    Without Header

    $("#myTable > tbody").children.length

    If there is header then

    $("#myTable > tbody").children.length -1


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    row_count =  $('#my_table').find('tr').length;
    column_count =  $('#my_table').find('td').length / row_count;

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    var trLength = jQuery('#tablebodyID >tr').length;